August 2009

human rights

An interesting question for me that has come out the very pervaisive and oft-wayward debate on the affordable health care for all americans legislation that is currently being considered is this: is health care a human right? I’d never given that any thought. Growing up in Canada it was never, ever a concern. Was it Continue reading human rights


I’m afraid to move into a more fragile neighborhood because I keep thinking that something will happen to my family.

It’s true. I don’t like it. But it’s true.


Restoration makes me cry.  In all it’s forms. Airport reunions.  Disaster relief.  Poverty being annihilated. Even chick flicks. And I’m non-discriminatory… I’ll shed a tear at the end of Con-Air and Army Wives alike. I’m a mess. But I have to believe that restoration touches something deep, down in spirit land that sometimes I just Continue reading restore


“We’re not doing anything out of guilt anymore” she said. I’ve only recently started living on my own. Not in the physical sense – it’s been over 10 years now since leaving high school for college life. Granted, it’s probably been about 2 years since I started living based on my own motivations, pursuing things Continue reading guilt


Perhaps it’s the impending 30th birthday. Or the un-redo-able 29 years. But I’ve been finding reason to note milestones.  Not always as they happen, but I can recognize them in a crowd any day. For instance (the obvious marriage and Jesus-loving notwithstanding): I remember the day I decided to begin the process of staking a Continue reading milestone