October 2009


I’ve been done with church for some time in the sense that most of the gatherings of people that I’ve met with on a Sunday morning have been more interested, from my perspective, in enjoying the event that we’ve mistaken called worship (this will be the next post!). We literally say things like “worship was great today” or “I really didn’t get much out of that” as if the goal of what we’re doing is to be altogether pleased at the end of the day by what was done for us.


I used to think that God was keeping track of every good and bad thing that I did in an effort to evaluate my efficacy as a created being and determine when and to what level He should turn up the heat.  It scared me to think that some little stone left unturned could cover Continue reading god?


I’m in the middle of collecting my thoughts for a series of “reset” posts – how my understanding of faith and life have been altered over the past couple of years.  Until then, I wanted to share this. Last night I was able to experience one of Rob Bell’s signature presentations of faith as he Continue reading rob