December 2009

too soon

On Boxing Day, a Saturday this year, Kristy and I headed out to reclaim a long-lost tradition of ours: boxing day skating. We were unaware of the fact that just 3 miles from our apartment is the Pineville Ice House where they offer public skating year round! To get there, we had to pass through a major commercial area in South Charlotte – shopping malls, lots of big-box stores, etc.


This is the gift. Not the prospects of escaping a wayward humanity with its pain and suffering and questions. The gift is faith: the faith, so strong, of a creator for His masterpiece to hold ultimate power in their arms, to plot a new course for humanity, and to truly live the unconstrained life.


For the past several years now, Kristy and I have not actively given each other gifts at Christmastime. In fact, except for some of the closest children in our lives, we really haven’t given any one gifts at Christmastime. And we’ve never really taken the time to explain this odd behavior.


The past couple of weeks have been quite hectic and surprising and fun. The biggest deal was that my parents showed up unexpectedly for my 30th birthday which meant we had lots of time to go the the symphony, play golf, and eat, and very little time to blog. But, now that life has returned Continue reading Explanation