November 2010


Today I heard this: “Infants are like consumers.” It got me thinking. I’m probably going to make some assumptions here and use lots of faulty logic to make some points.  Please forgive me and read this anyway. Now I recognize that even if this is true, it is not a given that there is any Continue reading babies


All around me, people are engaged in pursuits.  Personal ventures.  Journeys. Marathons. Self-discovery. Truth. These are the well-known pursuits.  These are the ones that we have come to expect.  The thirty-something has pride on the line as he dons his iPod and prepares for the half-marathon.  It says, “I’ve still got it.”  Somewhere there’s a Continue reading community-ish


I am beginning to capture the essence of the pursuit. Pursuit is not merely chasing something that you’ve longed for. It can be, and it is often rewarding when you reach the end of the journey. Recently, though, I have begun to re-evaluate the pursuit, to see it in a completely different light, and to Continue reading pursuit