March 2011

what we’re made of

Luther said that we should read the entire Bible in terms of what drives toward Christ.  Everything has to be interpreted through Christ.  Well, if you do that, you’re going to end up with this religion of grace and forgiveness.  The only people Jesus threatens are the Pharisees.  But everybody else gets pretty generous treatment.  Continue reading what we’re made of


This weekend at a youth event, I was asked to give a talk about protecting your spiritual life online.  Unsurprisingly, the first places that my mind went were to the Amsterdam-shaming back alleys of the web – the porn sites that we’ve all heard of and know of and some of us have become addicted Continue reading virtualization

out of hiding

“Don’t turn your speculation into dogma.” // Rob Bell Rob Bell has brought me out of hiding. I have been following the firestorm that has erupted surrounding Rob Bell’s latest (to-be-released-tomorrow) book, “Love Wins,” since one pastor was moved to simply tweet, “Farewell, Rob Bell.”  At issue is the charge that Rob is a “universalist” Continue reading out of hiding