August 2011


Food is about far more than survival to me. My wife has convinced me that our table should be an altar.  Our time around this altar is about blessing, reflection, community, love, and celebration of life.  This is a relatively new development in what is roughly a seven year-old marriage at this point.  We’ve always Continue reading delicious


Tomorrow, I’m heading off for a mini-getaway before heading out of town for work after this weekend. I burn it pretty hard, I’m realizing.  I used to think that I had it in me – where it is both the energy and desire to keep pushing through, keep producing, make some cool things.  Though, I’m Continue reading rest


Perhaps it’s just the current state of my emotions talking, but I’m more and more convinced that the human condition is marked by a need for and/or a desire for meaningful intimacy.  We’ve perverted this idea in such a way that the sexual connotations are usually the first to our minds – and while that’s Continue reading intimacy


Many people know that I fill most of the hours of my day in front of various computers.  As a web guy, I spend a lot of time designing, coding, testing, and (once every scattered guilty moment) browsing.  During much of that time, I am subconsciously aware that this path chose me.  While I can say Continue reading me?