August 2012


Of all the attributes that I want to see increased in my life, curiosity currently tops my list.  For me, I want to see this in all shapes and forms.  I have always been curious about things – there were few toys from my childhood that survived my exploratory surgeries.  My parents’ basement became a wasteland Continue reading curiosity

zero sum

It is somewhat jarring when the core components of your worldview are exposed, challenged, and upended. Admittedly, we don’t frequently find ourselves facing this proposition and at various times the exposing, challenging, and upending may be welcomed to varying degrees. The unspoken possibility here is to welcome the jarring – maybe to pursue the challenge as Continue reading zero sum


Often, I struggle with what I don’t have. I’m told that this isn’t supposed to matter, but this has only a nominal effect on my reality. The fact is that I often look well beyond the things that I have to what I perceive as lacking. I wish I knew why it seems that contentment Continue reading why