Often, my days feel like hump days. ┬áThis is not to say that I feel like each day is Wednesday and I’m as far away from the weekend as I have ever been. Rather, I feel like there is a large hump directly in front of me. While the terms thinking and acting are not Continue reading hump

goal two

It’s been a while but I need to outline my second major goal for twenty ten. By the end of this year, I will have outlined and starting working on a book. ┬áThe topic is still very much uncertain. How I will convince somebody to actually publish this yet-to-be-conceived work is not even on my Continue reading goal two

goal one

I have two goals set for the coming year.

Luckily, neither of the goals was to describe the goals on this blog immediately after the changing of the year!

Never before have I gazed down the barrel of an approaching year and felt any kind of pressure to express who I would like to be if and when I gaze down another approaching barrel. One thing I know is that sometime in the time that we call 2009, a transformation that has been ongoing for literally several years kicked into high gear and, consequently, I’ve been seeing the world and my interaction with in in a completely new light.